instant vs shared masternode

Understanding the Difference between Instant and Shared Masternode

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Honest Mining serves as Staking-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that makes staking in Proof-of-Stake protocols easy and accessible for everybody. In the platform, we provide two kinds of services which are Instant Masternode and Shared Masternode. Let us discuss each service in detail. What is Instant Masternode? Instant Masternode is a service where you can join masternode and generate rewards instantly right after you join the masternode seat. Honest Mining has initially ...

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Honest Mining Shared Masternode is Open

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia We are proud to announce, we are open Shared Masternode. Shared Masternode allows different coin holders to pool their coins and jointly fill the Masternode's required amount (collateral). After the required collateral is fulfilled, Honest Mining will setup, run the masternode and start generating rewards for everyone who joined the Masternode. Steps to Join Shared Masternode and Contribute Seat Login to your Honest Mining account, Go to Join Masternode ...

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