Vexanium, Blockchain for DApps and Retail Penetration in Indonesia

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia As new as blockchain technology, Vexanium is a new startup. They claim to be the first blockchain network company from Indonesia that aims to be the next generation blockchain for mass adoption. It is a blockchain created to support decentralized application and retail penetration across various industries including finance, exchanges, e-commerce, gaming, IT, HR, and more. This article will cover interesting facts about Vexanium you need to ...

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Honest Mining Support DASH

Honest Mining Supports DASH

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Official Website & Community Coin Market Cap https://www.dash.org USD 730,000,000 Rank 15th  on Feb 2019 DASH is an open source cryptocurrency project focusing on payment. It is currently ranked 15th on CoinMarketCap with valuation shy of $730 million. Dash Network consensus algorithm use X11 Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm and Masternodes that behaves like Proof-of-Stake. The PoW layer is handling the block production, while the masternodes layer allows the anonymous (Dash PrivateSend) and instant ...

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