Facts about Rapids

5 Interesting Facts You Need to Know about Rapids (RPD)

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Rapids is one of Honest Mining platform’s new listed coins. What is so interesting about this project that Honest Mining decided to run with Rapids? Here are five facts you need to know about Rapids (RPD). 1. Rapids is a social blockchain project Rapids integrates cryptocurrency payment in social media platform. Thus, their users are able to send payments of RPD to their friends, family, colleagues or even companies ...

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Honest Mining Support DASH

Honest Mining Supports DASH

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Official Website & Community Coin Market Cap https://www.dash.orghttps://www.dashnation.com USD 730,000,000 Rank 15th  on Feb 2019 DASH is an open source cryptocurrency project focusing on payment. It is currently ranked 15th on CoinMarketCap with valuation shy of $730 million. Dash Network consensus algorithm use X11 Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm and Masternodes that behaves like Proof-of-Stake. The PoW layer is handling the block production, while the masternodes layer allows the anonymous (Dash PrivateSend) and instant ...

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