Dash Masternode

Facts about DASH, the Pioneer of Masternodes

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia DASH or Digital Cash is a cryptocurrency founded on Jan 18th, 2014 by Evan Duffield. It is digital cash on DASH blockchain that facilitates InstantSend and also PrivateSend transactions with less than one cent transaction fee. It is also the initiator of the masternodes system. This article will give insight into some interesting facts about DASH.  Pioneer of Masternodes DASH is the first cryptocurrency that introduces the masternodes system ...

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SmartCash (SMART) for Day-to-Day Use

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia SmartCash (SMART) is a merchant oriented, easy to use, and a day-to-day cryptocurrency that can be your own bank. It is unique as in governance style and funding method, as well as its usage methods. Let’s find out what SmartCash (SMART) is all about! Community Driven  SmartCash (SMART) is a community-driven coin, where the community holds a vital role in the development of the project itself. SmartCash (SMART) has ...

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ZCoin (XZC) for Your Total Privacy

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia ZCoin is a cryptocurrency that focuses on privatize transactions, making transaction history untraceable. With the implementation of zero-knowledge proof via a Sigma Protocol, which is an improvement from Zerocoin Protocol, ZCoin provides users with total privacy.  Untraceable Transactions Bitcoin, which is the first cryptocurrency, shows all the transactions in public ledger of the network, allowing people to trace and analyze the transactions. Although there has been a series of ...

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Why is PIVX so Special?

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia PIVX (Private-Instant-Verified-Transaction) is a community governed cryptocurrency that enables privacy transaction, network scalability, and real-world utilization. This cryptocurrency is unique in many ways and this article will talk about special components that build PIVX as what it is currently.   Governance of the community, by the community, for the community PIVX project was first initiated by James Burden (a.k.a. s3v3nh4cks) and another with the alias “Coin Server” but then being ...

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stake Harmony(ONE)

What makes Harmony (ONE) worthy of your stake

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Honest Mining has listed Harmony (ONE) on the platform! This is a very interesting project and we will tell you what makes Harmony (ONE) worthy of your stake! Deep Sharding Technology Harmony comes into the crypto space to be a solution for blockchain technology. We all have known the biggest problem that blockchain today faces is related to scalability and Harmony is applying 10 times innovation on the network ...

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