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Strategy on Investing Bitcoin During the Pandemic

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Facing the Pandemic COVID-19, many stock players withdrew their funds and began to consider other investment objects like Bitcoin. Why Bitcoin? Bitcoin is one of the digital assets that are not directly affected by global factors such as the Pandemic that we are experiencing, that makes Bitcoin price is stable. furthermore, Bitcoin has just experienced Halving Day that people believed is going to make a positive impact on the Bitcoin Price.

However, in every investment decision, we must carry out research and prepare strategies to ensure that we can get a more optimal benefit. There are many strategies you can use to invest in Bitcoin, but here we provide some of our best choices for investing in your Bitcoin:

1. Trading Bitcoin

One strategy you can do is Trading. Basically, trading is a buy and sell activity in the market with the hope that prices continue to rise so that it can generate profits. Today, Daily trader has become a career that can be lived, because the income from trading can be more than enough to meet our daily needs. However, trading aside from wasting time, trading can also make you emotionally tired. This is caused by a very volatile movement that makes us able to instantly lose momentum.

2. Mining Bitcoin

Besides trading, you should also try Mining Bitcoin. Mining is the activity of processing transactions on the blockchain in hopes of getting a prize from each block that is successfully processed. Mining may sound easy, but in reality, the costs involved are very large. Both in terms of the equipment used must be the latest technology, as well as electricity costs for mining. Besides the costs, the need for technical skills as a validator also needs to be considered.

3. Saving Altcoin

Warren Buffet once said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. This principle is applicable also in investing Bitcoin, you should also put some of your investment in Altcoin. Of course, Altcoin that you choose must be based on research to convince you to invest in that coin. This can help diversify your investment to reduce the risk of losses.

4. Algorithm Trading

Algorithm Trading is one of the strategies that is quite popular at this time. Basically, Trading Algorithm is to trade automatically by following the strategies that have been made by experienced traders. All these directions are done automatically so that we do not need to always be in front of the screen to monitor market movements. This certainly makes it easier for everyone and also provides optimal results.

So that’s some strategy option you can try to start investing in Bitcoin. If you like challenges and have a lot of time, trading is an option worth trying. But if you don’t have a lot of time and want to feel secure, the Trading Algorithm deserves to be taken into account. You can follow a number of trading algorithms that are currently pretty much offered, one of them is in NOBI. All copy trade strategies in NOBI created by our partners that have been pre-selected to ensure this trading algorithm can provide optimal benefits.

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