STAKE UP! Community Event by Honest Mining

Baca dalam bahasa Indonesia

STAKE UP! A community event meetup initiate by Honest Mining. A community that have the same enthusiasm in crypto and blockchain technology.

The first Stake Up was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on April 27, 2019, from 2-5 p.m. located at Hiveworks Co-Work and Cafe Jakarta, Indonesia. This event conduct in Indonesian with the main topic “Rahasia Mendapatkan Passive Income Melalui Crypto Staking.”

We were thankful to practitioner speakers for the sharing knowledge and gave the participants a new perspective about crypto especially in staking crypto as one of opportunity to get passive income.

  • Bapak Bungaran Eka, Co-Founder and CTO of Fivebalance
  • Bapak Danny Baskara, CEO of Vexanium
  • Bapak Lawrence Samantha, CEO of Honest Mining

We were also grateful for all the participants who attend our first event. It was a great moment to saw all of you, have a relaxed yet serious discussion, knowing each other, and sharing knowledge.

Last but not least, here are our capture moments with all participants and speakers on STAKE UP. Hopefully, we can meet you again in the next Honest Mining event and together we build strong crypto staking community.

See you at Honest Mining next STAKE UP!

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