NOBI Savings is Now Available in NOBI

A Simple and Safe Way to Save For Everyone


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It’s finally here!! NOBI is proud to launch NOBI SAVINGS.

NOBI Savings is the third and latest feature available in the new NOBI app, following the two predecessors, NOBI Strategy and NOBI Staking.

Here in NOBI, we believe that growing crypto should be easy for everyone. That’s why our team has worked around the clock to ensure that you can experience the easiest way to grow crypto.

  • NOBI Savings is empowered by 2 well-known and trusted DeFi protocols, Compound Finance & Aave.
  • NOBI Savings target those who want to earn passive income from their crypto-lending with high-interest yet risk-free of losing your balance.
  • NOBI Savings provides you with a variety of the best coins and stablecoins in the crypto market to choose from. Such as DAI, USDT, USDC, UNI COIN, and more to come.
  • Has a low entry point. With just 50$ you can join NOBI Savings.
  • NOBI Savings teams up with Compound Finance & Aave to offer you a dynamic lending rate reaching 15%* and even more!
    *Numbers are subject to change based on the coin type & the lending market.

Download NOBI now and enjoy the simplicity and benefits of earning passive income with NOBI Savings and other NOBI services.

NOBI is available to download in the App Store and Play Store.

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