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Vexanium (VEX), Listing on Honest Mining!

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Honest Mining is seizing the hype of staking this month by listing a new coin: Vexanium (VEX).

Vexanium labeled itself as the Next Generation Blockchain for Mass Adoption. It is the first public blockchain in Indonesia and it aims to influence blockchain adoption in this country across various industries.

Next-Generation Blockchain in Indonesia

Vexanium focuses its protocol for adoption in Indonesia. Indonesia is a country full of potential with an increasingly young population and a strong economy in the world. The internet penetration in this country keeps increasing and the adoption of new technology is highly accepted. Therefore, Vexanium supports dApps and retail penetration and also aims to make blockchain technology accessible to various industries in Indonesia.

Claiming to be the next-generation blockchain, Vexanium offers some advantages of its protocol compared to other platforms. Vexanium could accommodate 2,000 transactions per second (TPS) which is much higher than other platforms that usually only run 10-100 transactions per second. The platform also charges zero transaction fees for its users while maintaining the scalability quality of its protocol. Besides that, Vexanium blockchain uses the C++ programming language, which enables programmers to create a smart contract easily. 

What makes Vexanium unique is that they have a platform for merchants to create vouchers of their businesses in VEX token. Users can airdrop vouchers to their customers in order to attract new customers or reward the existing ones. They also have a platform for users to exchange vouchers peer-to-peer. The voucher system is a very popular marketing campaign in Indonesia. Thus, Vexanium is implementing customization to the Indonesian market in order to do retail penetration and accommodate mass adoption in Indonesia. You might check the detail of Vexanium (VEX) before starting to staking on the platform.

Vexanium (VEX) Node Information

DescriptionDetail Information
CollateralNo Collateral
Size per Seat2,000 VEX
Service Fee10% / reward distribution
Estimated reward frequency1 day 1 hour
Estimated APR10-15 % annually
Coin Rating*Grade B
Minimum withdrawal1,000 VEX
Withdrawal fee100 VEX

*based on Honest Mining Coin Rating

Staking Terms for Vexanium (VEX)

One of the key differences that set VEX apart from other listing is their reward distributions. VEX rewards are calculated daily (through hourly snapshots) and distributed roundly 25 hours.

Vexanium (VEX) also have other staking terms that consist of :

  1. The requirement to join and stake for Vexanium (VEX) in our platform can be seen from the table above.
  2. We want to let users know in advance that in accordance with Vexanium (VEX) protocol, users who unstake from their Vexanium (VEX) node will receive their coins balance at a minimum of 3 days to their wallet in our platform.
  3. If you choose to unstake, your staked balance will be credited back to the wallet after the contract of 1 reward distributions. Please note that you cannot cancel the unstake on VEX.
  4. By joining this node, you agree to our Terms of Service.

Let’s grow your VEX on Honest Mining!


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