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Join Masternode and Contribute Seat


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Honest Mining supports Dash (DASH), ZCoin (XZC), and SmartCash (SMART) and many more. Join masternodes to start staking and earning rewards.

Please keep in mind, every masternode have different staking reward distribution and characteristic.

Steps to Join Masternode and Contribute Seat

  1. Click on HNST Staking menu, then you will direct to new window Select Masternode. Choose which masternode you want to join and click Join Now. For example, we join RPD. <See Image 1>
  2. Scroll down, and you will find the RPDinstant number (#) and the seat left. Click a plus (+) button to add the seat you want to contribute, make sure you have enough coin. Or, you can tick to join with the maximum balance coin you have. <See Image 2>
  3. Read carefully the terms and click Next. <See Image 2>
  4. In the Contribution Method, on the tab RPD hit Submit <See Image 3>
  5. Congratulations! You have successfully joined the masternode! <See Image 4>
  6. Click the Stake Folio to check your estimated rewards distribution in your masternode. <See Image 5>
hnst staking
Image 1: HNST Staking Menu

Image 2: Join Masternode & Contribute Seat

Image 3: Submit Seat

Image 4: Successfully Joined Masternode

Image 5: Stakefolio Menu

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