Jobs in Cryptocurrency Industry

Jobs in Cryptocurrency Industry

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that powers it has become stronger each day as an emerging industry. This new high technology industry has grown fast, and another thing follows after that: jobs.
The cryptocurrency industry is creating new jobs, and the growth of job containing blockchain or cryptocurrency-related keyword has reached
621% from 2015 to 2017, 194% from 2017 to 2018, and keep growing up to this date.
Demands come from both startups and well-established companies (such as IBM and Accenture) for the crypto-related jobs are high, but the talents for this area is still limited.

So what are the most sought career position in the cryptocurrency industry? 

  • Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developer is responsible to create the optimize blockchain protocols, develop smart contracts and web apps, as well as securing the blockchain system.
There are two types of blockchain developers. The first is a core blockchain developer that is responsible for developing blockchain protocol from scratch, design the consensus, security patterns, and network architecture.
Second is software blockchain developer that develops smart contracts, front-end interface for dApps, etc. Blockchain developers will need technical hard skill such as blockchain architecture, cryptography, data structure, etc, therefore many companies require a Computer Science degree to fill this position. Find more detail about this job

  • Business Development

Blockchain companies will need to partner with other enterprises in various industries (financial, health care, government, etc) who want to adopt blockchain technology into their system. Thus they need a person to take charge of partnership and networking responsibility. The business development manager will be responsible to seek out opportunities, create partnerships and close business deals. 

  • Data Scientist

Cryptocurrency is a very new industry thus many companies need data scientists crucially to help analyze the trends of the market. Data scientists use deep learning and AI and provide relevant data for their team. The data scientist will also be responsible to analyze transaction data for the team that will help in the marketing effort, product development, etc. 

  • Customer Support

Customer support is also one of the cryptocurrency jobs that have high demand because each cryptocurrency project will have to grow their own communities. Companies will need people with great interpersonal skills as well as a helpful heart in order to grow and develop a positive, active and toxic-free online and offline community. 

  • Other Cryptocurrency Jobs

Each cryptocurrency project has different products depending on the goal they would want to achieve. Therefore, depending on the product each project will have a different need for skill sets. Other cryptocurrency jobs will mostly include graphic designers, content writers, consultants, etc. However, they will need to have knowledge about the cryptocurrency industry as well as the blockchain technology that powers it. 

This industry is very interesting to join and grow with, especially for tech-savvy millennials. And since demand is high and lack of talent to fulfill those demands, this industry usually pays well.
Honest Mining is one of the startups in the cryptocurrency industry. We are a platform that provides staking pool service which enables users to grow their crypto-asset up to 80% a year. And yes, we are a fast-growing global platform that needs talents to grow this business together.
If you are interested in having a career or internship in Honest Mining, you can reach our hiring team at

Happy staking!

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