How to Withdraw Coin?

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Remember to set 2FA on your account in order to enable withdrawal.

Steps to Withdraw Coin

  1. After login to your account, go to Wallet menu, the red arrow is a withdrawal icon. <See Image 1>
  2. Choose what coin you want to withdraw. In this example we choose RPD, click on the withdrawal icon. 
  3. Input the amount you want to withdraw, we input 100 RPD for example. The system will automatically count the total withdrawal amount including the withdrawal fee. Then input your RPD private wallet address. <See image 2>
  4. Read carefully the notice then hit Withdraw. <See Image 3>
  5. Your withdrawal is being processed, wait for a few minutes to complete the transaction. <See Image 4>
  6. Withdrawal Complete! You can check your withdrawal history in the withdrawal tab in the Transaction History. <See Image 5>
  7. Please note that the daily withdrawal limit is 500,000 HNST for unverified account  and 2,000,000 HNST for verified account.

Image 1: Withdarawal Icon

Image 2: Input the Amount and Destination Address

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Image 3: Important Notice
Image 4: Withdrawal Processed

Image 5: Example of Withdrawal Status


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