How to Stop Staking on Honest Mining?

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Even though we suggest you keep joining the nodes to keep receiving the rewards, you have an option to stop join from the node/masternode on the platform.

When you deciding to stop join from a node/masternode, please remember the terms. There are slightly different terms if you want to exit from Instant and Shared node/masternode on the platform. Please notice which node/masternode you want to exit before exiting from the node/masternode.

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How to Stop Join from Instant Node / Masternode?

Please remember the terms for instant node/masternode. Based on the terms when you joined the instant node, there was information that “you will be able to exit after 1x reward distribution“. Make sure you comply this term before exiting from the node.

Here is the step:

  1. Login to your Honest Mining account
  2. Go to the Stakefolio menu and find the exit icon in the right line, then click on the icon from the coin you want to exit. For this example, we try to exit from PIVX instant masternode. <see picture 1>
  3. Then, a pop-up will show and if you are surely confident to exit, simply click the Exit button. <see picture 2>
  4. Now you are succeeding exit from the node then your funds will automatically be transferred to your wallet. You can check your wallet in the next few minutes, usually, it takes around 1-10 minutes depends on the coins.

Picture 1: Exit Icon in the Stakefolio menu

Picture 2: Exit Window & Exit Button

How to Stop Join from the Shared Node / Masternode?

As written on the terms before you join the shared node/masternode, you will be able to exit from the shared node/masternode after received a certain time of rewards according to the coin you joined, each coin has different terms.

Firstly, check your reward in the contract column in stakefolio menu. There is information about the reward distribution in the contract column that shows the total rewards you received out of the maximum reward you will receive in one contract (reward distribution cycle).

Secondly, if you want to exit you have to click the exit icon before the last rewards distribution in order the system can notice your order and will automatically stop you from joining the node on the last day after distributing the last rewards. Then, your funds will automatically be transferred back to your wallet.

Here is the step:

  1. Login to your Honest Mining account.
  2. Go to Stakefolio menu, see on the Contract column and choose the shared node you want to stop. For this example, we try to exit from Fivebalance (FBN) masternode. <see picture 3>
  3. Click on the Exit icon on the node FBN (16/360 rewards).
  4. Then, a pop-up confirmation will show then click the Exit button <see picture 4>.
  5. Go back to Stakefolio menu and check your node contract, you will find the icon exit has a blue color and there is cross (x) in red color <see picture 5>. This is means you succeed to book exit from the shared node.

However, if you change your mind and want to keep join in the node you are still able to cancel your decision by simply click the cross (x) icon before the last day of reward distribution.

Picture 3: Contract Column

Picture 4: Exit window & Exit button in shared node

Picture 5: Contract Status

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