How to Start Staking at Honest Mining?

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Honest Mining is a crypto cloud mining (staking) platform, supports Dash (DASH), ZCoin (XZC), SmartCash (SMART), PIVX (PIVX) and many more! 
We strive to provide staking access and ease to our users. Start staking today with these easy steps!

Step 1: Register New Account at Honest Mining

Image 1: Register Account

If you are already registered, you can skip this step. Otherwise, make sure you register using your active email address. Confirm your email using the verification number on the email. After that, you can log in and start using Honest Mining account.

You may also refer to the following guide:

  1. How to Sign Up for Honest Mining Account?
  2. Trouble receiving email? Email Not Received Guide

Step 2: Select HNST Staking Options

HNST Staking

Image 2: Select HNST Staking

Honest Mining supports staking for Dash (DASH), ZCoin (XZC), SmartCash (SMART), PIVX (PIVX), FiveBalance (FBN), etc. Every masternode has different staking reward distribution and characteristic. Therefore, in order to choose which coins to stake, make sure you understand how they all differ by following Coins & Masternode on our blog.

Don’t forget to deposit the coins by going to the Wallet menu. You may also refer to Honest Mining guide How to Deposit Coin? to Honest Mining Wallet.

Step 3: Decide Number of Seats

Select seats
Image 3: Contribute Seats

The next step is deciding how many seats you want to contribute at Honest Mining. Choose coin by selecting Join Now at the menu. After choosing between instant or shared masternode, decide how many seats you want to contribute in the masternode. Please note that each coin has a different coin requirement per seat. Check our guide Join Masternodes and Contribute Seats.

Step 4: Earns Staking Rewards!

stake folio
Image 4: Generating Rewards

Congratulation! You have started earning Staking Rewards!

Keep in mind that the frequency & coins amount that you receive will differ according to the type of coin & its network condition. Staking Reward will be distributed to your wallet according to the distribution schedule of the coin you staked. We also encourage you to complete the Account Verification process so you can perform coin withdrawal in the future.

Want to withdraw? Read How To Withdraw Coins?



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