How to Sign Up for Honest Mining Account?

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Register New Honest Mining Account

You need to have an account in Honest Mining platform to start staking. In order to ensure that your account is secure, we need to be able to confirm your email and your identity.

Register a new Honest Mining account is very easy. You can simply follow these following steps:

Picture 1: Register New Honest Mining Account
  1. Open your web browser & go to <picture 1>
  2. Enter your data as follow: <picture 1>
    1. Email Address: Make sure the email address is active and there is no typing mistake.
    2. Username: You can use any username that you want to be identified as.
    3. Password: Use a unique combination that is at least 8 characters long. It has to contains at least one number, one uppercase, one lowercase, and symbols (for example !@$%&)
    4. ReferralCode: the Referral Code is optional, otherwise you can leave it blank. Make sure you tick the checkbox to agree with our Terms & Condition and hit the Register button
  3. Next, you need to input Confirmation Code to confirm that you really have access to the email address you had given on the previous step.
    Please check your email inbox with the following subject “Honest Mining Email Address Confirmation“. If you cannot find the email, please check the spam folder or follow the Email Not Received guide. Go back to to the previous screen and input the confirmation code from the confirmation email. <picture 2>
Picture 2: Input Confirmation Code

Great! Your account is now confirmed, so you can start staking!

If you want to enable withdrawal, make sure you get your Account Verified & Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

Log in to Your Account

Now, you can login to your account with two simple steps as follow: <picture 3>

Picture 3: How to Login into Honest Mining Account
  1. Go to and click Login.
  2. Fill in your email and password then click Login.

Common Mistake and Error

Picture 4: Common Error Message

Don’t panic! If you get this error message, do this:

  1. Change your password. To ensure that your account is secure, we need to make sure that you use a strong password, please follow our guide above.
  2. Make sure you tick the checkbox to agree with our Terms & Condition


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