Set Up Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

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Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is mandatory. You are required to enable 2FA to withdraw your coins from Honest Mining.

Steps to activate 2FA

Step 1: Go to Account Setting

After you logged in to your account, click on profile icon and go to Setting. <See Image 1>

Image 1: Go to Setting

Step 2: Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Scroll down the page and look on the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) box <See Image 2> and click the button to enable 2FA by following these steps:

  1. Download Google Authenticator Apps on your mobile phone <See Image 2.1>
  2. Scan the barcode with the Google Authenticator Apps <See Image 2.2>
  3. Input the code that automatically generates by Google Authenticator apps to the dialogue box on your screen and hit “Enable Google Authenticator” <See Image 2.3>
Image 2: Enable 2FA
install google aunthenticator
Image 2.1: Download Google Authenticator Apps

Image 2.2: Scan the Barcode
Image 2.3: Input the Google Authenticator Code

Awesome! Your Account is now secure!

You will be redirected back to Setting page and you will see that the 2FA slider is Enabled and green.

If you have to re-activate 2FA due to some reasons, you can reach us at and attach the following documents along with the email:

  1. Picture of International Passport or National ID (with English Translation)
  2. Picture of yourself holding your passport/ID

After that, our team will help you go through the process and re-activate 2FA for your account. 

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