Tuesday, November 12

Honest Squad: Be Part of Our Global Ambassador

Honest Squad

Hi Miners!

Honest Mining is calling out for all the crypto enthusiasts to be a part of our global ambassador.

Honest Squad is Honest Mining representatives from all around the world who develop communities and represent Honest Mining in their country of origin.

What does it take to be Honest Squad?

In order to ensure we have the right person for the community, we need these requirements for Honest Squad:

  • Volunteer for 2 months in our global group. You can help to answer members’ questions, comment or discuss something in our group.
  • Excellent knowledge of Honest Mining.
  • Have a valid Telegram ID, registered and verified on the Honest Mining platform.
  • Follow Honest Mining channel and join Honest Mining telegram global group.
  • Tech-savvy, fast to learn new things and keep updated on the Honest Mining platform.
  • Active in the telegram, twitter, and other telecommunication channels.
  • Have a spirit to help and serve others.
  • Good communication in English – especially in writing.

What do we expect from you as a part of the Honest Squad?

During the 2 months volunteering period, we hope you can:

  • Promote Honest Mining on your area/country and get as many people as possible to join the official local group, we will provide the group link.
  • Get every member of the local group to join Honest Mining channel and global group.
  • Happy to help and answer members’ questions, comment or discuss something on the global group and the local group.

After you get accepted, we hope you can:

  • Gather 1000 members on the local telegram group within 6 months and have active discussions.
  • Willing to attend cryptocurrency offline meetups/offline events at your area/country to representing Honest Mining.
  • Actively promote Honest Mining and educate community members about Honest Mining. You can use your social media and other channels.
  • Collaborate with Honest Mining core team for every marketing program/plan.
  • Translate every announcement on our official channel into your local language for the local community group.
  • Happy to help and answer members’ questions, comment or discuss something on the global and the local group.

What will you get as part of the Honest Squad?

  • The first two months is an unpaid volunteer opportunity. If you get passed this, you will start getting compensation in HNST.
  • More bonus is available based on the contribution.

So, are you ready to be one of Honest Squad?

We believe you can learn much more through this experience aside from earning more HNST. The experience of creating and nurturing community, attending meetups, will build a whole new range of network for you.

If you would like to become one of Honest Squad, please register yourself here: http://bit.ly/HonestSquad


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