Honest Mining Shared Masternode is Open

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We are proud to announce, we are open Shared Masternode. Shared Masternode allows different coin holders to pool their coins and jointly fill the Masternode’s required amount (collateral).
After the required collateral is fulfilled, Honest Mining will setup, run the masternode and start generating rewards for everyone who joined the Masternode.

Steps to Join Shared Masternode and Contribute Seat

  1. Login to your Honest Mining account,
  2. Go to Join Masternode menu and choose which masternode you want to join then click Join Now, for example, we choose DASH. <See Image 1>
  3. Scroll down and click on the Shared tab, you will find the DASH masternode number (#) and the status. Click a plus (+) button to add the seat you want to contribute, make sure you have enough coin. Read carefully the terms and click Next. <See Image 2>
  4. In the Contribution Method, on the DASH tab hit Submit <See Image 3>
  5. Congratulations! You have successfully joined the Shared masternode!<See Image 4>
  6. Click the My Masternodes menu to check your Running Masternode. <See Image 5>
Image 1: Join Masternode Menu
Image 2: Contribute Seat
Image 3: Contribution Method Window
Image 4: Successful Pop Up Window
Image 5: My Masternode Menu (Running Masternode)

Shared Masternode Status

Shared Masternode has four status as follow:

  1. Collecting Collateral: in this stage, allows coin holders to pool their coins and jointly fill the Masternode’s required amount (collateral).
  2. Setting up Masternode: after the amount fulfilled, Honest Mining will do Masternode setting.
  3. Registration on Blockchain: registering the masternode on blockchain.
  4. Generating Rewards: the masternode is running and ready to generating rewards for everyone who joined masternode.

Check our service fee for shared masternode here.

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