Honest Mining July 2019 Highlight

Honest Mining July 2019 Highlight

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Honest Mining is a Crypto Mining Platform that makes staking accessible where everyone can easily join masternode and earn masternode rewards with a small investment. Come with a competitive and transparent fee, Honest Mining is a miner-friendly company. For more information: www.HonestMining.com


Greetings to all Honest Mining Members

Welcome to Honest Mining Monthly Report Update!

We have already passed July, which means we already walked through more than half a year in 2019. How is your resolution going? In Honest Mining, each month passed means a step closer to our goals. These are a summary overview of what happened on July 2019:

Honest Mining Trading Competition Announcement

Honest Mining trading competition in Binance Dex is done! In 5 weeks of competition, we have a total of 55 winners with more than 110K BNB traded and a total of 568,000 HNST rewarded to the winners. We would like to thank all participants for joining the competition and support Honest Mining. For more information please read here.

STAKE UP! Blockchain Bonanza

Honest Mining has successfully hosted the second meetup in collaboration with Blockchain Bonanza with the title ‘The Future of Blockchain and Mining’. In this event, our speakers elaborate on the implementation of blockchain technology in industries and also the mining industry 2.0. Do you want to know more about it? Read our post-event release.

Honest Mining Coin Rating

Honest Mining team provides the condensed and reliable information for the platform’s listed coins in order to simplify users’ staking process. In this rating, we analyze each coin’s fundamental and quality indicators thus result in a staking grade for each coin. You can learn about it in detail here.

E-Talk Honest Mining on Pop.FM

eTalk HM

Honest Mining has been invited to share about the project and what is Honest Mining contributing to the blockchain industry by one of the popular radios in Indonesia Pop.FM. We are very honored to be able to share what we are doing and also give insights regarding cryptocurrency to society.

That sums up Honest Mining July 2019 Highlight! We will keep you updated on what is going on each month in our highlight reports, so stay tuned.



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