Honest Mining Fees

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We charge the following fees on Honest Mining platform

CoinsService Fee
Service Fee
Minimum WithdrawalWithdrawal Fee
DASH10 %7.5 %0.010.002
XZC10 %7.5 %0.020.02
PIVX15 %10 %0.40.2
ONE-15 %4020
VEX-10 %1000100
SMART15 %10 %1010
FRM-10 %4020
RPD20 %15 %10050
FBN25 %20 %15050

A service fee will automatically deduct from your reward in each reward distribution.

Get 40% discount by enabling “Using HNST for Fees” on Account Setting. <See Image 1>

Image 1: Setting to Using HNST for Fees

Please note that all fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Happy Staking, Miners!

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