Honest (HNST) New Vision: A Friendly Cryptocurrency For Everyone


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As our company grows, we believe we have to distinct Honest Mining from Honest (HNST) so that HNST can develop its own brand. In its journey as a cryptocurrency, HNST started as a utility token on Honest Mining platform but now we are open to any kind of possibilities ahead that expand its utilities. Having said that, the new look has to be easy to remember, simple and yet a strong identity in accordance with HNST’s vision.

Brand Attributes


Hash is an act of implementing a cryptographic algorithm for data. Strike lines already become a pseudo standard among currencies and “H” is the initial of “Honest”. Blue colour (Pantone 2955C) is chosen to represent trustworthy and professional. It is also a spiritual and meditative colour that relaxes the mind.

Logo Construction

To enhance the feeling of friendliness, we avoid using sharp edge and replacing it with round corners. And, we use the golden ratio technique to help create a balanced and aesthetic shape.




Finalizing the New Vision


Last but not least, we hope for your never-ending support for HNST and look forward to new partnerships and developments!

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