$HNST Trading Competition on Binance DEX – 888,000 HNST Ready to be Airdropped!

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To celebrate HNST listing on Binance DEX, we will run Trading Competition HNST/BNB on Binance Dex.

Kindly read the competition details below.

Competition Summary

  • Total Rewards Budget: 888,000 HNST
  • Duration: 5 weeks (24 Jun 2019 00:00 UTC – 27 Jul 2019 23:59 UTC)
  • Market: HNST/BNB on Binance Dex

Weekly Prize

  • Eligible winner must have a minimum of 150 BNB average trading volume daily (00:00 – 23:59 UTC) in the duration of the competition period weekly.
  • This event will be closed weekly each Sunday at 23:59 UTC and will go on for 5 weeks (the duration of the competition).
  • Weekly Trading Competition Rewards:

Honest Mining Trading Competition Schedule

Grand Prize

  • Top 20 HNST holders from any weekly prize winners with minimum on average daily holding 10,000 HNST during the competition will receive 9,400 HNST each.

Terms and Conditions

  • Honest Mining reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition or Competition Rules at our sole discretion.
  • Each full day refers to 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 (UTC), a full 24 hours.
  • HNST/BNB trading volume on each address for each day will be recorded daily at 23:59:59 (UTC) & reset at 0:00:00 (UTC) each day
  • Rewards will be airdropped to all winner addresses within 72 hours after each competition.
  • Wash trading is strictly prohibited. Any trader caught wash trading or using multiple accounts to wash trade will be disqualified from the prizes.

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