FiveBalance (FBN): New Coin Listing and AMA Session

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Honest Mining is listing a new coin FiveBalance (FBN) in the platform. FiveBalance is a cryptocurrency designed to help improve human lives in five aspects which are: Fit, Financial, Family, Flair, and Faith. 

Let’s check out how it works!

FBN Business Model

FiveBalance works in three methods. First, it serves as a Human Resource Development Ecosystem. In this function, FBN provides an application that can help people to improve their lives in those five aspects although they do not know how to start. FBN application will give them indicators to check where are they right now, and help to guide them in improving in each aspect. In doing so, the user of the application could get the reward in the form of FBN cryptocurrency by their friend, company, family or advertiser by unlocking new achievements in life improvement.

Next, FiveBalance also serves as a Human Resource Trainer Ecosystem. An individual or a community can participate as a mentor or facilitator in #timetomove social movement in their cities of countries. As a trainer in HR, users can help improve many lives through the movements. They need to hold minimum collateral of 15,000,000 FBN in order to join the movement as a facilitator. And people who would like to join as participants in the movement can also pay training costs using FBN. 

Lastly, FiveBalance is a Crypto Community Ecosystem. With the ever-increasing demand for HR Development, the crypto community will also experience the benefit of growing investment. Furthermore, the #timetomove social movement is actively bringing positive impacts to people around the world and thus becoming a promotional and funding source for the project. 

AMA Session and FBN Coin Deposit

Honest Mining AMA Session With FBN

Honest Mining is hosting an AMA Session with the FBN team on Thursday, August 8th, 2019 at 7 AM UTC (2 PM GMT+7) in Honest Mining Telegram Group ( Join the AMA Session and know FBN better. And the more awesome news is 1,000,000 FBN is ready to be dropped for AMA winners! So, save the date and prepare your best questions.

Do not worry if you would like to start staking FBN on our platform as soon as possible. The honest Mining platform will open for FBN deposit starting this Wednesday, July 31st, 2019. Happy Staking!

For more information about this project, visit their website or read their whitepaper.
Check the estimated reward here:

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