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Please check the following guidelines if you are having difficulty receiving email from us

  1. Make sure that you input the correct email address on your Honest Mining account.
  2. Use the search function in your email client. Look for email coming from
  3. Ensure that your email client works normally. You should be able to receive email from other people / client. We recommend Gmail and email client.
  4. Check spam / junk folder in your email client.
  5. Try whitelist in your email.

How to Whitelist Honest Mining Email


Step 1 – Log in your Gmail

Step 2 – Go to your Gmail “Settings

Gmail Settings can usually be found on the top right

Step 3 – Go to “Filters and blocked addresses” and click “Create a new filter

Choose Filter and blocked addresses

Step 4 – Add “” on the “From” field and hit “Create Filter

Step 5 – Choose “Never send it to Spam” and click “Create Filter

Step 1 – Open your Outlook mailbox.

Step 2 – Select Options from the top right (next to the question mark).

Step 3 – Select More options > Safe and blocked senders (under Preventing junk email) > Safe senders.

Step 4 – In the space provided, enter to whitelist all email from Honest Mining

Step 5 – Select Add to list and select OK

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