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Chat with Bitocto: The Puzzle of Crypto Investing

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Honest Mining is proud to be one of the speakers in Bitocto Exchange Event titled The Puzzle of Crypto Investing in August 22th, 2019 at GoWork FX Sudirman. There were two main talks in the event. CEO of Bitocto Milken Jonathan brought the first talk about types of crypto investing. Then the second part was presented by Honest Mining CEO, Lawrence Samantha about crypto investment through staking and masternodes. We will give you a flashback summary of the talk.

The Puzzle of Crypto Investing 

Milken gave an introduction about Bitocto Exchange and after that, he gave the audience a brief understanding of Bitcoin. Then he talked about types of crypto investments which include mining, staking, masternodes, trading and investing. He went through each type thoroughly and gave examples through his presentation.

crypto investment

Lawrence then introduced Honest Mining and presented on staking and masternode specifically. He started with basics, educating the audience about Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake and the difference between them. Then he continued talking about what crypto staking is. He also educated the community on how to invest safely. Lawrence explained that the crypto investment does not only talk about ROI every time, but people must also consider other aspects of the blockchain project. As in Honest Mining, platform put coins into grade categories based on certain criteria, which can be found here.

Bitocto crypto investment talk

Finally, we are happy to see the enthusiasm of the community towards the presentations. Through this event, we can see that interest in cryptocurrency and its investment is increasing over time. We thank Bitocto for this opportunity and participants who have come to this event. We look forward to another meet up together with our partners to evangelize crypto space to more and more people. Stay tuned for the next meet up and see you there!

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