Introducing Bob

This is Bob – a crypto loving giraffe who love mining. Bob is tall, so he can see far ahead. When the market is going bullish on a certain coin, Bob already triples his coin amount from his very early staking. Bob is cheerful, friendly and wise – he also loves giving cool advice to new miners. During his spare time, Bob casually does cosplay to entertain everyone around him.

Bob Love Stacking

Bob – The official mascot of Honest Mining. How does it start?

The team wanted to have a mascot that really represents the company culture, value and vision. After a heated debate, the team thought that giraffe is a really cool animal who we all can learn from.

Why Giraffe?

Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world. They got an extremely long neck that allows them to look far ahead. They also have excellent eyesight with two eyelids that allow them to avoid dangers and pick good leaves, twigs and fruits from trees. Cryptocurrency & blockchain is very new technology. In order to capitalize this technology, just like giraffes – we need to be able to have a good look at what coin we want to hold and see far ahead beyond the current situation.

Giraffes are terrestrial animals. Likewise, miners also need to stay grounded and always remember where they are standing and heading. For example, today we are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution (also referred as Industry 4.0). Miners can pick coins for projects that use Blockchain technology for such innovation.

What else are unique about Giraffes?

Super Saiyan Bob Never Sleep

Giraffes do not sleep! Well, sort of… they still need sleep, but unlike humans – giraffe only need to take a 5 minutes nap during the day, and 20 minutes rest at night.

Now, this is where it gets interesting! Masternode must be online around the clock to power blockchain network. Just like giraffes, Honest Mining is committed to having minimum downtime, because your Masternode rewards can be at risk if you have more than 20 minutes downtime!

Token Sales Update

Private Sale Ended

Hello Honest Miners!

We are proud to announce that Honest Token (HNST) Private Placement has been completed. Total 56 million HNST were sold between October-December 2018. We would like to thank our believer & the community for the never-ending support & the patient working through this process with us. Welcome to Honest Mining, the future of cryptocurrency mining.

Private Placement Only Model

True to our name, the Honest Mining team is committed to conduct a fair & honest token sale. After analyzing the market, we decided to be different and move away from the popular public token sale model. We focused on on-boarding select number of investors who really believe in the product through a private placement. 

Our private placement also adopted a slightly different strategy than some other projects:

Flat Pricing Policy

Some projects provide different pricing based on investment size or timing, while we offer all investors equal pricing. Different pricing strategy is desirable for some investors because it allows investors to gain quick short-term gain. We believe that a good product takes time to build, and short-term price strategy will not benefit our long-term investor.

Hard Vesting Policy

We want to attract the right type of investors who believe in our long-term product vision. As utility token, we believe that our market cap will grow together with the real utilization. This is not an instant process, so we have put 6-month vesting distribution policy that starts from the product launching date.

We have received tremendous support & commitments from a different type of investors. By mid-November, we have met more than our expected raised ETH amount. We also received over 400 whitelist applicants from different part of the world. The cryptocurrency bear market was on full effect until late December, and we met many investors who were forced to pull out from crypto completely. What’s left are investors who truly believe in the company that we are building.

What’s Next

On behalf of the entire Honest Mining team, we thank you for your continuous support. Right now we have open the pre-registration program where you can reserve your username. If you have not done it, please go ahead and visit our website. As scheduled, the team will move forward with the project soft-launch before the end of 1st Quarter of 2019.  We are also working hard to get HNST listed on exchanges.

Stay in touch with Honest Mining by:

Honest Mining Indonesia Roadshow

Honest Mining Indonesia Roadshow

Honest Mining was on the road throughout November to gather & introduce digital assets & blockchain in Indonesia. People who came were curios, a few were intrigued, and with some of the negative news – we realized many were scared.

There is a saying in Indonesian language, “Tak kenal maka tak sayang“.  We are glad that after the event, many realizes that digital assets are not something to be afraid of. They were excited to see the unlimited potentials that blockchain offers, and how Honest Mining can help them be part of this movement.

We are also thankful for:

1st Stop: SURABAYA

Surabaya is the second largest city of Indonesia. It is a port city on the Indonesian island of Java that is really vibrant & sprawling metropolis. The city consists of modern skyscrapers with canals from its past Dutch colonial days.

Lawrence Samantha, our CEO and Indra Darmawan, the CEO of LYFE were live on PAS FM Surabaya – a leading business radio in Surabaya for an after lunch talk show. Then on the evening, we had gathering at Satu Atap Coworking Place.

Honest Mining Surabaya Roadshow
Honest Mining On Air with PAS FM Surabaya
Honest Mining Surabaya Gathering
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2nd Stop: MEDAN

Medan is the fourth largest city of Indonesia & largest city in Sumatra. It is a trading city that located on the busy strait of Malacca. As a hugely multicultural city, Medan is also linked very well with Singapore & Kuala Lumpur.

Honest Mining start the day by talking on SMART FM Medan for a morning talkshow. We then have a gathering at CocoWork Clapham supported by CryptoWatch Community. It was a full house gathering! Many walk-in attendees unfortunately have to stand at the back due to the space & seat constraints. We were mesmerized with the enthusiasm and simply know that we will have to be back to Medan

Honest Mining Medan Roadshow
Honest Mining On Air with SMART FM Medan
Honest Mining On Air with SMART FM Medan
Honest Mining Medan Gathering
Honest Mining Medan Gathering
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3rd Stop: BALI

Bali, the island of Gods. It is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, amazing beaches and beautiful coral reefs. It also home for many digital nomads from around the world.

Honest Mining visited Hard Rock FM Bali for an afternoon talk show, followed by a gathering at Kembali Coworking Space.

Honest Mining Bali Roadshow
Honest Mining On Air with Hard Rock Bali
Honest Mining Bali Gathering
Honest Mining Bali Gathering
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Honest Mining Advisors

Honest Mining is supported by great advisor who not only possesses multiple skill set & experience from different industry, but also on the future of decentralization & blockchain.

Vidy Onadi

Head of Business Development EMURGO INDONESIA

Mr. Vidy is the Head of Business Development at EMURGO. He carries a  mission to power the financial stack for the developing world through Cardano’s decentralized blockchain system.

Apart from being a blockchain enthusiast, he is also recognized as a self-driven professional with more than 15 years of diversified experience in ERP systems (SAP & Microsoft Dynamics), corporate finance & investments, and digital businesses.

Jeth Soetoyo


Mr. Soetoyo is the CEO of Pintu, a cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage service. Prior to that, he worked at ConsenSys, a Brooklyn based Blockchain venture lab and solutions company. He led product on a cross-chain atomic swap solution called Liquality, which allowed participants to trustfully swap digital assets without intermediation.

Mr. Soetoyo also conducted a research along with the MIT Digital Currency Initiative on crypto assets valuations. Previously, he pursued a career at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and also spent time at Valar, a company that’s focusing itself on energy.

Grady Laksmono

Co-Founder of Moka

Mr. Grady is an accomplished software engineer and venture builder. He founded Moka in 2014, a mobile point of sale system that allows anyone to accept many kinds of payments. Prior to Moka, he worked at multiple corporations in Silicon Valley: Yahoo!, Zynga, OpenX, Albumatic (now – a company owned by Lightyear/Stellar).

During his spare time, Grady contributes code to Bitcoin Core and pyevm, an Ethereum Virtual Machine implementation.

Calvin Kizana

Co-Founder and CEO PicMix / PlayDay

Calvin is a serial tech entrepreneur with Forbes and Ernst and Young (EY) awards on his belt and is currently CEO and co-founder of PicMix and PlayDay, a live streaming and interactive content distribution platform for massive online community with over 35 million-users worldwide.

Calvin has been involved in multiple successful ICOs in the region. He actively involved and sit as advisor in ICO and blockchain projects across startups and corporates. He is also the co-founder and advisor in CoinDaily, a blockchain community with over 20,000+ active members.

Honest Mining Litepaper

Sometimes Most of the time, simple is better.

Honest Mining team prepares this infographic (cryptoworld crowds refer it as litepaper / lightpaper) so you can easily review what Honest Mining is all about.

You can also download the PDF version.

Honest Mining Litepaper
Honest Mining Litepaper

Introducing Honest Mining

Honest Mining Logo

The world associates blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies with decentralization.  Cryptocurrencies are decentralized because the technology on which it is based, the blockchain, is powered by anonymous blockchain validators. The validators are those who validate the transactions on the distributed ledgers around the world and keep it secure. Over the year, these blockchain validators have come to be known as “blockchain miners” and “crypto miners”.

While it is true that miners are making the blockchain network decentralized, there are still big barriers to entry that prevents everyone from joining: limited knowledge, limited technical skills, limited financial power, and limited infrastructure.

All these limitations cause fear and uncertainty. A technology that should be transparent is used by a few parties to either maximize profit by monopolizing the market or to make a scam business using the hard-to understand “crypto mining” buzzword.

We are HONEST MINING – a company with simple mission: building trustworthy and easy crypto mining that is accessible to everyone.

We’re making crypto currency mining a lot easier and accessible for everyone who are interested in becoming miners. You will be able to be a part of the community through an uncomplicated process and start earning masternode rewards from the get-go. We believe that honesty is gained through transparency.

HONEST TOKEN (HNST) is the native currency of HONEST MINING Platform which will be used for all transaction activities. With HNST you will be able to join masternode, get special discount and other usages.

If you want to read more about us, please check our whitepaper.
Is it too long? Well we have a tl;dr version for you – just check out our litepaper.