How to Sign Up for Honest Mining Account?

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Register New Honest Mining Account You need to have an account in Honest Mining platform to start staking. In order to ensure that your account is secure, we need to be able to confirm your email and your identity. Register a new Honest Mining account is very easy. You can simply follow these following steps: Picture 1: Register New Honest Mining Account Open your web browser & go to Read More


Account Verification

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Why do I have to verify my account? Account verification helps to protect Honest Mining users from theft, fraud and abusive behaviour from happening in Honest Mining platform. As a company, we have to comply with various KYC & AML regulations. We take this obligation seriously and will make sure that our platform is not used to launder money, support terrorism, commit fraud or other illegal activities. How do ...

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Document Verification Guidelines

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Document Verification Guideline is the standard guideline to make sure that Honest Mining is able to verify your identity. Please go to Account Settings and follow the following guidelines to make your verification process faster: Complete the Identity Profile  User Name Full Name Date of Birth Gender Citizenship Upload Proof of Identity We accept scanned copy of your Passport & Government Issued ID If your Government Issued ID is not using Latin characters, please submit your ...

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Email Not Received

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Please check the following guidelines if you are having difficulty receiving email from us Make sure that you input the correct email address on your Honest Mining account. Use the search function in your email client. Look for email coming from Ensure that your email client works normally. You should be able to receive email from other people / client. We recommend Gmail and email client. Check spam / ...

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