Nobi Grow Crypto The Easy Way

NOBI is Here to Help You Grow Crypto Easily

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Dear Community Members, NOBI is Ready to Help YOU Grow Your Crypto Easily. We are thrilled to announce the Launch of NOBI! A bank-like crypto service that provides a hassle-free and affordable way to grow your crypto in this competitive crypto environment. Now available on Google PlayStore and AppStore! NOBI will be the future home of Honest Mining whom right now focusing its service on Robo Trading that provides optimal ...

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How to Stop Staking on Honest Mining?

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Even though we suggest you keep joining the nodes to keep receiving the rewards, you have an option to stop join from the node/masternode on the platform. When you deciding to stop join from a node/masternode, please remember the terms. There are slightly different terms if you want to exit from Instant and Shared node/masternode on the platform. Please notice which node/masternode you want to exit before exiting ...

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Honest Mining Coin Rating

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Honest Mining wants to be everyone’s crypto staking partner. Apart from providing the best staking services to our customer, we also have the responsibility to provide as much information as possible to our customer. Since the very beginning, we believe that staking should be easy for everyone, but information can be overwhelming, especially when there are thousands of coins and countless indicators.  Introducing Honest Mining Coin Rating, our ...

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instant vs shared masternode

Understanding the Difference between Instant and Shared Masternode

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Honest Mining serves as Staking-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that makes staking in Proof-of-Stake protocols easy and accessible for everybody. In the platform, we provide two kinds of services which are Instant Masternode and Shared Masternode. Let us discuss each service in detail. What is Instant Masternode? Instant Masternode is a service where you can join masternode and generate rewards instantly right after you join the masternode seat. Honest Mining has initially ...

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Honest Mining Shared Masternode is Open

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia We are proud to announce, we are open Shared Masternode. Shared Masternode allows different coin holders to pool their coins and jointly fill the Masternode's required amount (collateral). After the required collateral is fulfilled, Honest Mining will setup, run the masternode and start generating rewards for everyone who joined the Masternode. Steps to Join Shared Masternode and Contribute Seat Login to your Honest Mining account, Go to Join Masternode ...

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How to Start Staking at Honest Mining?

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Honest Mining is a crypto cloud mining (staking) platform, supports Dash (DASH), ZCoin (XZC), SmartCash (SMART), PIVX (PIVX) and many more! We strive to provide staking access and ease to our users. Start staking today with these easy steps! Step 1: Register New Account at Honest Mining Image 1: Register Account If you are already registered, you can skip this step. Otherwise, make sure you register using your active email ...

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How to Deposit Coin?

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia In order to join masternodes, you need to deposit coins to your wallet on Honest Mining platform. Steps to Deposit Coins After you log in to your account, go to Wallet menu, the green arrow is a deposit icon. Choose what coin you want to deposit. In this example, we choose SmartCash (SMART), click the deposit icon. Click Show Address/Memo and after that ...

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How to Withdraw Coin?

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Remember to set 2FA on your account in order to enable withdrawal. Steps to Withdraw Coin After login to your account, go to Wallet menu, the red arrow is a withdrawal icon. Choose what coin you want to withdraw. In this example we choose RPD, click on the withdrawal icon.  Input the amount you want to withdraw, we input 100 RPD for example. The system will automatically count ...

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Honest Mining Fees

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia We charge the following fees on Honest Mining platform A service fee will automatically deduct from your reward in each reward distribution. Get 40% discount by enabling "Using HNST for Fees" on Account Setting. Image 1: Setting to Using HNST for Fees Please note that all fees are subject to change without prior notice. Happy Staking, Miners!

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Set Up Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is mandatory. You are required to enable 2FA to withdraw your coins from Honest Mining. Steps to activate 2FA Step 1: Go to Account Setting After you logged in to your account, click on profile icon and go to Setting. Image 1: Go to Setting Step 2: Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Scroll down the page and look on the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) box Read More