What is Leverage Trading

What is Leverage Trading?

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Along with the increasing interest in trading cryptocurrency derivatives. The demand for Leverage trading is also increasing. Adding Leverage trading as an option for traders, especially those who already experienced to improve their trading experience and increase the chance to get greater profits. What is Leverage? Leverage is a trading strategy where a trader borrows funds to a broker or exchange that will be used as capital to open ...

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Algorithm Trading vs Manual Trading the complete guide

Algorithm Trading vs Manual Trading

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Algorithm Trading has become a topic that is quite heavily discussed in the trading world. Algorithm Trading appears as a solution for those who are less experienced and lack of knowledge in trading. Algorithm Trading helps to automate trading with rules that have been made by the strategy maker. This began to emerge following the trend of copy trade. On the other hand, there is a discussion that ...

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5 investment that you need to do today

5 Must Have Investment During Pandemic

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia During this pandemic, many activities had to be carried out at home including work. This makes us have more time and energy because all activities are done from home. No more activities that can be done in public places such as hanging out with friends in a cafe or watching a movie in the cinema. Many see this as something unfortunate, but actually this situation is a momentum ...

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Difference Between Long and Short Position

The Difference Between Long and Short Position

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia In derivatives trading, there are two types of positions that traders can choose, Long and Short. Traders can choose to buy crypto by choosing a long position or selling crypto by choosing a short position. But besides buying and selling, long and short positions also have their own meaning. The terms long and short are generally used in derivatives trading, futures, and options. Let's learn more about ...

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Difference Between Futures and Option

Understanding types of Crypto Derivative Trading: Futures and Options

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia As we know, in crypto derivative trading there are two types of products that are pretty popular on the market today: Futures and Options. Many still think that these two products are the same, but in reality, they have some differences. This difference determines the level of risk of the two products. But before going there, let's discuss more details about these two products. Futures Futures are contracts that ...

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What is Derivative Crypto Trading

What is Derivative Crypto Trading?

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Derivatives are financial contracts between two or more parties that get their value from the underlying assets, in this case, cryptocurrency. To be more precise, this is a buy and sell agreement of cryptocurrency at a predetermined price and time in the future. Derivatives themselves have no direct value. They are based entirely on the estimated future value of the selected assets. In general, there are 3 ...

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Bitcoin Investing Strategy

Strategy on Investing Bitcoin During the Pandemic

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Facing the Pandemic COVID-19, many stock players withdrew their funds and began to consider other investment objects like Bitcoin. Why Bitcoin? Bitcoin is one of the digital assets that are not directly affected by global factors such as the Pandemic that we are experiencing, that makes Bitcoin price is stable. furthermore, Bitcoin has just experienced Halving Day that people believed is going to make a positive impact ...

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Intorduction to Algorithm Trading

What is Algorithm Trading? An Introduction

Baca dalam bahasa Indonesia What is algorithmic trading? Algorithmic trading is a defined set of directions for placing a trade to be able to create profits in speed and frequency that’s not possible for a human dealer. It also accounts for many trading variables such as price, timing, and volume and used in a wide variety of situations including order execution, arbitrage, and trend trading strategies. In terms of transaction rate, Algorithmic traders ...

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Nobi the Future Home For Honest Mining

NOBI: The Future Home for Honest Mining

Baca dalam Bahasa Offering a crypto staking service that launched in early 2019. Honest Mining, a global crypto company with a focus on Southeast Asia region, is progressing to complete its evolution into an end-to-end crypto financial services that focus on helping people grow their assets, evolving as NOBI. This evolution also marks Honest Mining’s first anniversary, where we have been successful in our journey of crypto staking, allowing our users to ...

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