DeFi’s Hot Trend: Yield Farming

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia It has been the hottest trend in the DeFi ecosystem. And it’s safe to say that Yield Farming is one of the main factors why DeFi is so popular until now. You already had a glimpse about Yield Farming in the previous blogs, but there’s more to it. Let’s find out more in this blog. What is Yield Farming? Basically, Yield Farming or Liquidity Mining is a way to ...

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NOBI November Highlight 2020

Baca Dalam Bahasa Indonesia It was an active and busy yet fun month for the NOBI team. With so much going on in November. Most importantly was the launch of our newest feature in the NOBI app: NOBI SAVINGS. The second was our successful NOBI Talks LIVE: CEO TALKS. That and many more. Check out below in case you missed the fun! DeFi: The Future Financial System As the first blog of the ...

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DeFi: How Does It Work?

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia In the previous and first blog for this month’s topic on DeFi (Decentralized Finance), we talked about the basics of DeFi in the cryptocurrency world and what’s the impact on the present and future financial system. In case you missed it, read (here). Now onto the next round, this time we are peeling it off to know how DeFi works. DeFi has gained huge attention in the crypto ...

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NOBI Gifthanks

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia In NOBI,  we believe that our users are a priority. As we did in one of our recent exciting programs Games of Referrals, where we give users and their referrals an interesting offer to join NOBI. What is NOBI Gifthanks? As our active & loyal users, this is your chance to get 50% cashback from the fee you paid. Sounds sweet? Indeed! YES, Count me in! How to Participate? First, you have ...

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NOBI Savings is Now Available in NOBI

A Simple and Safe Way to Save For Everyone   Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia It’s finally here!! NOBI is proud to launch NOBI SAVINGS. NOBI Savings is the third and latest feature available in the new NOBI app, following the two predecessors, NOBI Strategy and NOBI Staking. Here in NOBI, we believe that growing crypto should be easy for everyone. That’s why our team has worked around the clock to ensure that you can experience ...

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what's new in november

What’s New in November?

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia 1. Dive Deeper into DeFi Entering the final months of 2020, we still have much to talk about Decentralized Finance(DeFi). As we uncover only the tip of the iceberg last month, we decided to dive deeper and discuss everything you need to know about DeFi in this month’s topic, from the Pros and Cons, to The Future of DeFi. Be sure not to miss our latest articles which ...

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DeFi The Future of Financial System

DeFi, The Future of Financial System

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia People are talking about it in the cryptocurrency world. But what exactly is DeFi? Now, let’s dive in so you don’t miss out on the topic that everybody is talking about at the moment. The term “Decentralized Finance” (DeFi) itself was founded by a group of influencers back in August 2018. Their main idea is to create a financial system that is transparent and open to the public. ...

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NOBI October Highlight 2020

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia As we stepped into the third month as NOBI, we wrapped up some new and exciting news for you this October. Starting with our new NOBI Talks Podcast, a NOBI Trick or Treat Halloween Special, and much more! Check out below what we had in store for you this whole month. Stake Up! rebrand to NOBI Talks Podcast We’re thrilled to unveil our refreshed and new NOBI Talks Podcast. ...

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NOBI Sept 2020 Highlght

NOBI September Highlight 2020

Baca Dalam Bahasa Indonesia Entering the second month after the launch of NOBI, there have been many activities carried out to introduce NOBI to the crypto community in Indonesia and across the world. Here we have summarized the entire series of activities that have been carried out during September in NOBI September 2020 Highlights. Honest Mining is Officially Becomes NOBI Following the launch of the NOBI application, Honest Mining has also now completed ...

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Honest Mining is now NOBI

Honest Mining is Now Officially Becomes NOBI!

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Starting this month, Honest Mining has completed a rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and renewal to its vision in becoming an end to end crypto financial service known as NOBI. Over the years, Honest Mining has cemented its status as one the mainstay of crypto exchanges. It has experienced rapid growth, tallying more than 18,000 registered users in several countries, won The Best Crypto Mining ...

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