Jobs in Cryptocurrency Industry

Jobs in Cryptocurrency Industry

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that powers it has become stronger each day as an emerging industry. This new high technology industry has grown fast, and another thing follows after that: jobs. The cryptocurrency industry is creating new jobs, and the growth of job containing blockchain or cryptocurrency-related keyword has reached 621% from 2015 to 2017, 194% from 2017 to 2018, and keep growing up to this date. Demands come ...

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Dash Masternode

Facts about DASH, the Pioneer of Masternodes

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia DASH or Digital Cash is a cryptocurrency founded on Jan 18th, 2014 by Evan Duffield. It is digital cash on DASH blockchain that facilitates InstantSend and also PrivateSend transactions with less than one cent transaction fee. It is also the initiator of the masternodes system. This article will give insight into some interesting facts about DASH.  Pioneer of Masternodes DASH is the first cryptocurrency that introduces the masternodes system ...

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SmartCash (SMART) for Day-to-Day Use

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia SmartCash (SMART) is a merchant oriented, easy to use, and a day-to-day cryptocurrency that can be your own bank. It is unique as in governance style and funding method, as well as its usage methods. Let’s find out what SmartCash (SMART) is all about! Community Driven  SmartCash (SMART) is a community-driven coin, where the community holds a vital role in the development of the project itself. SmartCash (SMART) has ...

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types of cryptocurrencies

Types of Cryptocurrencies and Its Usage

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Cryptocurrency used to be only one, which is Bitcoin that is still the gold standard for cryptocurrencies until today. However, since cryptocurrency is growing very fast, with an annual growth of 31% and is expected to reach $1.8 trillion market cap by 2021, many projects emerged. Today, many kinds of coins on different underlying blockchains are available. Not to mention thousands of tokens that are built based ...

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ZCoin (XZC) for Your Total Privacy

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia ZCoin is a cryptocurrency that focuses on privatize transactions, making transaction history untraceable. With the implementation of zero-knowledge proof via a Sigma Protocol, which is an improvement from Zerocoin Protocol, ZCoin provides users with total privacy.  Untraceable Transactions Bitcoin, which is the first cryptocurrency, shows all the transactions in public ledger of the network, allowing people to trace and analyze the transactions. Although there has been a series of ...

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Why is PIVX so Special?

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia PIVX (Private-Instant-Verified-Transaction) is a community governed cryptocurrency that enables privacy transaction, network scalability, and real-world utilization. This cryptocurrency is unique in many ways and this article will talk about special components that build PIVX as what it is currently.   Governance of the community, by the community, for the community PIVX project was first initiated by James Burden (a.k.a. s3v3nh4cks) and another with the alias “Coin Server” but then being ...

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stake Harmony(ONE)

What makes Harmony (ONE) worthy of your stake

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Honest Mining has listed Harmony (ONE) on the platform! This is a very interesting project and we will tell you what makes Harmony (ONE) worthy of your stake! Deep Sharding Technology Harmony comes into the crypto space to be a solution for blockchain technology. We all have known the biggest problem that blockchain today faces is related to scalability and Harmony is applying 10 times innovation on the network ...

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Facts about Rapids

5 Interesting Facts You Need to Know about Rapids (RPD)

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Rapids is one of Honest Mining platform’s new listed coins. What is so interesting about this project that Honest Mining decided to run with Rapids? Here are five facts you need to know about Rapids (RPD). 1. Rapids is a social blockchain project Rapids integrates cryptocurrency payment in social media platform. Thus, their users are able to send payments of RPD to their friends, family, colleagues or even companies ...

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cryptocurrency staking

Passive Income for Genius: Banks, Stocks or Cryptocurrency?

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia The world is providing dozens of passive income and investment source options, ranging from something tangible like gold bars or real estate to something intangible like stocks, and today, digital currency. People invest based on their return requirement and their tolerance towards risks. Each investment has its own pros and cons regarding that matter. For instance, real estate is a high ROI investment and you may earn ...

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crypto mining vs crypto staking

Why Stake? Choosing between Crypto Mining and Crypto Staking

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Why stake? Crypto staking is a rather new idea in this century. It is a new way to get passive income. It is the new ‘mining’. We will discuss how it differs from cryptocurrency mining in this article. Consensus Mechanism  First, we are going to see how it works. Crypto mining has the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism. Transaction in blockchain has to be validated in order to enter the public ...

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