Bounty Rewards Distribution Announcement

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Your Bounty Rewards Are Coming!

Honest Mining would like to thank all of you who participate in Honest Mining Bounty Program.
Since the beginning of our journey, we have done three (3) campaigns as follow:

  1. Kultwit Bounty
  2. Roadshow Airdrop
  3. Pre-Launching Bounty

As promised, we will send you the bounty prizes gradually during Q2 in 2019 (April – June 2019) through email. The distribution will start in April 2019 for the winners of Kultwit Bounty, continuing to Roadshow Airdrop in April and May 2019, and the last distribution is Pre-Launching Bounty in May to June 2019.

The Mechanism

  1. We will send you the voucher through email. Please make sure to check your registered email and join Honest Mining Official Telegram Channel to get notified of our bounty distribution news updates.
  2. When you receive the voucher via email, you can directly redeem the voucher through Honest Mining platform. You may follow the simpl guidelines “To Redeem Voucher” listed in the email.
  3. Yeay, Your HNST added to your wallet! You can use your Honest (HNST) to start staking at Honest Mining platform or use it to paying fees and get up to 40% discount. Kindly follow How to Start Staking at Honest Mining?

Need more HNST to Start Staking?

Find out how you can get more HNST below.

  1. Get more HNST on Tokenomy and start deposit to your wallet at Honest Mining platform. You may follow How to Deposit Coin?
  2. Share your referral code to everyone. You will get 1 HNST for each person who registers and success doing their verification process (account verified). Kindly read Account Verification guidance for details.
  3. Join Honest Mining Video Contest and win the prize!


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