Honest Mining is now NOBI

Honest Mining is Now Officially Becomes NOBI!

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Starting this month, Honest Mining has completed a rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and renewal to its vision in becoming an end to end crypto financial service known as NOBI. Over the years, Honest Mining has cemented its status as one the mainstay of crypto exchanges. It has experienced rapid growth, tallying more than 18,000 registered users in several countries, won The Best Crypto Mining ...

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NOBI Games of Referrals Winner August 2020

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia After a Tight Competition, we finally come to the end of the first period of our Games of Referrals, and we are excited to announce the winner for this period. Here is the lucky winners who will get an extra 50% referral bonus from this period. The prize will be sent directly to your NOBI Wallet. anakayamdukun dukunbitcoin carlos tvvocold brian hankey signal indodax Congratulations to all the winners ...

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Honest Mining by NOBI Aug 2020 Highlight

Honest Mining by NOBI August 2020 Highlight

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia It's finally here! We are proud to announce the launch of NOBI, the new home of Honest Mining in this special month! But we don’t just stop there, here are the following highlights of our update in the month of August. The Launch of NOBI Apps Launching in August, NOBI is available for download on IOS and Android and ready to help you to grow your crypto with our advanced ...

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NOBI Games of Referral

NOBI Games of Referrals – Chance To Win BTC!

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia You are invited to NOBI Games of Referrals. We are celebrating NOBI mobile app launch, so start inviting your friends and earn extra BTC! What is Games of Referrals? We want to thank everyone who contributed ideas, helped testing, and cheered us as we develop NOBI. As we are ready to onboard new users, we officially launch NOBI Referral Program with NOBI Games of Referrals. Top referral program users ...

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July Highlight 2020

Honest Mining Highlight July 2020

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia July has been a thrilling yet exciting month for us. After months of doing internal tests and almost a month doing Alpha Test with more than 50 Honest Mining users have tested and try NOBI Apps. We are excited to announce that the private Alpha Test has done, we got more than enough input to develop NOBI furthermore. Thanks to all the users who participate in NOBI Alpha ...

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Nobi Grow Crypto The Easy Way

NOBI is Here to Help You Grow Crypto Easily

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Dear Community Members, NOBI is Ready to Help YOU Grow Your Crypto Easily. We are thrilled to announce the Launch of NOBI! A bank-like crypto service that provides a hassle-free and affordable way to grow your crypto in this competitive crypto environment. Now available on Google PlayStore and AppStore! NOBI will be the future home of Honest Mining whom right now focusing its service on Robo Trading that provides optimal ...

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NOBI Cashback & Referral Program

NOBI Referral Program

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Introducing NOBI Referral Program, an exciting program where everyone can easily earn extra bonuses!   How does NOBI Referral Program work? Upon signing up on NOBI app, go to Settings > Referral and get your unique Referral Code. Share this code, and everyone who signs up using your Referral Code will become your referral. Referral Bonuses are calculated based on the Following Fees, Service Fees & Performance Fees that NOBI get ...

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Backtest Result

How to Understand Backtest Result?

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia What is Backtesting? Before following a trading strategy, it is better for you to read backtest results from the related trading strategy. The backtest result provides you with a set of information on how this strategy performing in a previous period of time or following the market historical data. This is usually done by professional traders to test the performance of strategies that are owned and compiled before being ...

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Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Here are some types of fees that apply in Nobi: Following Fee Following fee is a fee charged when users follow the strategy(s) in Nobi. Following fee will be charged automatically after executable by the system. The amount of the following fee varies for each strategy, depends on the policies of the Nobi Strategy Maker partner. Service Fee Service fee is a total cost for services from Nobi that is charged ...

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Diversification Investment in Cryptocurrency

Investment Diversification Tips in Cryptocurrency

Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia Diversification is basically allocating your investment assets to several types of investment products. If it is associated with cryptocurrency, then we divide our investment into several coins at once. This is done in order to minimize losses and maximize profits so that the income stream you receive be more secure. In the world of cryptocurrency itself, applying diversification can keep your investment funds safe even in a market ...

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