Algorithm Trading vs Manual Trading the complete guide

Algorithm Trading vs Manual Trading

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Algorithm Trading has become a topic that is quite heavily discussed in the trading world. Algorithm Trading appears as a solution for those who are less experienced and lack of knowledge in trading. Algorithm Trading helps to automate trading with rules that have been made by the strategy maker. This began to emerge following the trend of copy trade.

On the other hand, there is a discussion that says algorithms trading also still has many shortcomings, such as inflexibility and can not adapt like humans. Conversely, humans have weaknesses such as having emotions that can affect trade decisions that can lead to faulty trade decisions. Let’s dive deeper into the differences and benefits of Algorithm Trading and Manual Trading.

Algorithm Trading

Algorithm trading is a set of directives made by professional traders to be used by investors who are interested in investing and making profits without trading on their own. All rules run automatically so that investors only need to relax and get results. Algorithms Trading has many advantages to help investors get passive income from trading.

Trading Algorithms can do things that are difficult to control by humans such as discipline to follow the strategies that have been made, psychology control, and also emotions when doing trading. On the other hand, algorithm trading can execute trading positions perfectly according to the directions that have been made before.

With trading algorithms, strategy makers can create and manage multiple strategies at once for multiple trading positions and the trading bot algorithm will run everything precisely. Another advantage of algorithm trading bot is that it does not require rest like humans so it can do trading 7 x 24 hours and in the end, it can provide optimal results.

Manual Trading

Conversely, talking about manual trading, humans have advantages that are not owned by algorithms trading bot, which is the ability in designing trading strategies as the result of their thought and experiences.

The ability of the human brain can produce analysis, adaptability, and predictability to a situation, especially in trading. Humans are also able to consider all the external factors that can affect the trading market, unexpected events such as natural disasters and pandemic attacks as we are experiencing it now.

Humans are also able to see market movements that are quite strange and slow so that they can immediately withdraw their investment or make other decisions. Humans can also determine whether they have gotten enough profit or still want to continue to follow the momentum that is felt to bring more profit on that day.


Choosing between Manual Trading or Trading Algorithms is a personal preference. Both have advantages and disadvantages of each, depending on the goals you want to achieve.

If you want to do Manual Trading, you can start by joining a cryptocurrency exchange. Some exchanges besides providing spot trading have also completed their facilities to do derivative trading.

However, if you are interested in the Trading Algorithm without leaving your current job or while enjoying your leisure time, you can register and join us at where you can choose and join in the strategies that have been created by our team of professional traders partners.

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