Account Verification

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Why do I have to verify my account?

Account verification helps to protect Honest Mining users from theft, fraud and abusive behaviour from happening in Honest Mining platform. As a company, we have to comply with various KYC & AML regulations. We take this obligation seriously and will make sure that our platform is not used to launder money, support terrorism, commit fraud or other illegal activities.

How do I verify my account?

Here are the steps & general guidelines to get your account verification done:

Step 1: Complete the Identity Profile

After you log in, click your profile icon, go to Settings and scroll down. At the end of the page, you will find Know Your Customer (KYC) column. Click Verify.Verify Identity

Then, fill your personal data, tick agree to term of service and private policy of Honest Mining, and hit the Continue button.

step 1 KYC

Picture 1: Step 1, Fill the Form

Step 2: Upload Selfie Photo

  1. Take a selfie while holding your Proof of Identity document from the previous step.
  2. Make sure your face & the document can be clearly seen in one frame.


Picture 2: Step 2, Take a selfie

Step 3: Upload Proof of Identity

  1. We accept a scanned copy of your Passport & Government Issued ID. You can either take a picture of your document through the webcam or upload files
  2. If your Government Issued ID is not using Latin characters, please submit your Passport
  3. If you choose to upload ID, please make sure to upload both front and back page of the ID.‍

Picture 3: Step 3, picture of passport option

ID front and back

Picture 4: Step 3, picture of ID option (front and back side of the ID)

Picture 5: Documents submitted and in review process

Picture 6: Verification status changed to Pending

For more details, please follow the Document Verification Guidelines so that we are able to process your verification faster. When you are verified, you will see “Verified” checkmark on your profile and you will be able to do a withdrawal with daily limit of 2,000,000 HNST afterward.

Why is my verification rejected?

If your verification is rejected, it might be due to these following reasons:

  1. Your documents do not match your profile.
  2. Your passport or government-issued ID is expired / not valid at the time of submission.
  3. Your document is not legible and/or it appeared to be digitally modified.
  4. Your picture is unclear, blurry or appeared to be digitally modified.

Please resubmit and make sure you carefully follow our Document Verification Guidelines in order to have your Account Verification successfully approved next time. Please also note that Honest Mining has sole discretion whether to approve or reject any application.

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