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About Honest Mining

Secure, Easy, Scalable from day one.

We’re making crypto currency mining a lot easier and accessible for everyone who are interested in becoming miners. You will be able to be a part of the community through an uncomplicated process and start earning masternode rewards from the get-go. We believe that honesty is gained through transparency.
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Instant Masternode

Running a Masternode with no hidden fees.

Instant Masternode is an innovation by HONEST MINING that lets you start earning immediately, with no hidden fees. It eliminates the need of waiting for the masternode to be filled and properly set prior to reward-earning.
Feature Image Passive Rewards

Passive Rewards

Withdraw and reinvest with ease of use.

HONEST MINING lets you earn passive rewards through quick and transparent mechanism. Rewards are distributed proactively as soon as your masternodes receive rewards. You can choose whether to withdraw the coins or reinvest in it automatically.

How It Works

The Easy Step of Honest Mining
Select a Masternode

Select a Masternode

Get your crypto wallet ready and choose the masternode that you would like to invest in.
Deposit Coins

Deposit Coins

Click the “Commit” button to deposit your crypto coins
Select Seats

Select Seats

Select the seat quantity that you plan to own.
Earn Rewards

Earn Rewards

Watch as your masternode start receiving rewards and you get to decide whether to withdraw or reinvest.

Why Sign Up

Easy Sign Up

Easy Sign Up

Joining HONEST MINING only requires 4 easy steps and rewards can be earned immediately.
Easy Withdrawal

Easy Withdrawal

Quick and transparent withdrawal mechanism complete with a reinvesting feature.
Non-stop Rewards

Non-stop Rewards

Your masternode is generating non-stop rewards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


All around transparency with no hidden fees. Providing you with a clear view of what is happening through announcements and reports.


Guaranteed protection of information that may jeopardize the safety of our user and platform.
Powerful Automation

Powerful Automation

Speedy processes and features, allowing HONEST MINING to run independently and efficiently.

Initial Token Sale

1 Oct 2018
Inquiry Only
2018 Q4
15% Bonus, using TEN 25% 80,000,000 HNST
2019 Q1
No Bonus, using TEN 10% 70,000,000 HNST

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Token Symbol HNST
Token Sale Start 2018 Q4
Token Sale End 2018 Q4
Tokens For Public 200,000,000
Token Price 1 / 7500 ETH
Max Circulating Supply 400,000,000
Soft Cap 5,000 ETH
Hard Cap 20,000 ETH

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Token Calculator

Since token price are pegged to ETH, you can use this conversion calculator to observe the current rate in real-time.


10% bonus for using TEN already included.

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Token Allocation

Only 400 million HNST token will ever be generated, with half of tokens will be allocated to ITS contributors. The other half is to make sure the continuity of the platform.

Unsold, unused bonus & unused marketing tokens will be allocated for company reserves

Team & Stakeholders 15%
Bonus & Marketing 12.5%
Company Reserves 35%
ITS Contributors 37.5%

Raised Funds Usage

We are raising funds to speed up the development of HONEST MINING Platform. Just like every other business, future development and business growth direction may change the budget plan. This budgeting plan will be implemented after the token sales have been completed and shall be a starting point for the company.

Company Reserves 15%
Business & Legal 5%
Branding & Marketing efforts 15%
Product Development 25%
Building Masternodes 40%

Road Map

Our team is working relentlessly to ensure the achievement of each milestones.


  • Concept Generation
  • Crypto Mining Research
2018 Q1 -Q2

Token Design

  • White Paper Development
  • Legal & Incorporation
  • Seed Funding Raised
2018 Q3

Product Design

  • Platform Design and Technical Gathering
  • MVP Development & Validation
2018 Q4

Initial Token Sales

  • Private Sales
  • Public Initial Token Sales
  • System & Integration Testing
2019 Q1

Platform Launch

  • Internal Acceptance Testing
  • Token Distribution
  • Alpha & Beta Launch
2019 Q2


  • Out from Beta
  • Constant Improvement for Platform Stability
2019 Q3

New Market Development

  • New Coin Listing
  • Community Voting
2019 Q4

Platform Enrichment

  • Commencing Project Alexandria
  • Initiating Project Babylon
2020 & Beyond

Global Growth

  • Scaling services
  • Grow market share

People Behind Honest Mining

Our team consists of experienced cryptocurrency and blockchain industry players who believe in decentralization. Together, we are achieving our mission: to build a trustworthy crypto mining platform that is easy to use and accessible to everyone.

Team Leadership

Lawrence Samantha

Lawrence Samantha

CEO & Co-Founder
Edy Senjaya

Edy Senjaya

CTO & Co-Founder
Dionisius Evan Alam

Dionisius Evan Alam

Head of Product & Partnership

Seed Investors

Edy Sulistyo

Edy Sulistyo

CEO of LOKÉT (Go-Jek Group)
Oscar Darmawan

Oscar Darmawan

CEO of Indodax & CMO of Tokenomy
William Sutanto

William Sutanto

CTO of Indodax & Tokenomy


Jeth Soetoyo

Jeth Soetoyo

CEO of Pintu
Vidy Onadi

Vidy Onadi

Head of Business Development Emurgo Indonesia
Grady Laksmono

Grady Laksmono

CTO & Co-Founder of Moka
Calvin Kizana

Calvin Kizana

Co-Founder and CEO PicMix / PlayDay

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? Explore below to learn more about HONEST MINING.

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